About Philippa

The love for photography has been in Philippa’s life since childhood.

“Born with a camera in my hand”, is how my close friends and family describe me. I can’t remember my first camera, but I know that I have always had a longing to capture beautiful moments and views that I have around me."

After high school Philippa chose to focus on her passion. She studied postproduction and photography and started taking assignments as a photographer. The desire to continue to develop led Philippa to London and Speos Photographic Institute. When she came back home to Sweden, Philippa’s sister was diagnosed with cancer.
Philippa made a photo documentary of her sister during her battle against cancer; every step of the way was captured by Philippa and her camera.
Together they created the charity organization Vår kamp mot cancer ”Our fight against cancer” to raise money for cancer research. In the spring of 2014, they exhibited "You can borrow my body but never take my soul" that consisted of 25 black and white photos. The photos exposed some of Natasha’s toughest times. This exhibition managed to raise over 1 million kronors for the nonprofit organization.

Philippa Davin